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DAINESE "Laguna Seca Perf" 1-Pc. Suit: Blue
DAINESE "Laguna Seca Perf" 1-Pc. Suit: Black
DAINESE "Laguna Seca Perf" 1-Pc. Suit: White

Sale Price: $750.00
List Price: $999.00

Composite protectors.
Articulated shoulder.
Bi-axial elasticated insert system.
Elasticated inserts.
Inserts in elasticated fabric.
Aerodynamic spoiler (hump)
Soft inserts.
Replaceable sliders.
Suit to boot fastening system.
Double calf zip.
Removable Sanityzed lining.

DAINESE "Steel" 1-Pc. Suit

Sale Price: $1,195.00
List Price: $1,599.00

* Constructed using ultra-soft D-Skin leather with kevlar panels for extra movement and comfort
* Co-Injected titanium shoulder armour
* C.E. approved composite armour in shoulders, elbows and knees
* Removable sanitized lining
* Will accept “In Boot” system
* Aerodynamic safety hump

DAINESE "W-Frame" 1-Pc Suit

Sale Price: $1,595.00
List Price: $2,199.00

D-Stone fabric™
D-Skin leather
Composite protectors
Pocket for Wave T back protector
Bi-axial elasticated inserts
Elasticated inserts
Inserts in elasticated fabric
Co-injected Titanium shoulder
Titanium inserts
Aerodynamic spoiler
Soft inserts
Replaceable sliders
Boot-suit fastening system
Double calf zip
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