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DAINESE "Duel" Gloves

Sale Price: $99.00
List Price: $195.00
DUEL is derived directly from work with Valentino Rossi on the race track. It comprises some technical devices and cuts tested in MotoGP, resulting in the highest quality protection, comfort and design. Soft and hard thermoplastic inserts, combined with carbon fibre pads, make DUEL one of the most “armoured” gloves in the collection; new ergonomic cuts (like the new, more streamlined sleeve attachment at the wrist) enable the glove to adhere to the hand without impeding its functionality. Fit for the most extreme user who “lives” to race his bike,

DAINESE "Hellracer" Gloves

Sale Price: $60.00
List Price: $139.00

HELLRACER moderates the technical and stylistic language found in the DUEL glove, toning down some features to make it more accessible to the racing – but not ultra-racing - user. In fact HELLRACER, with reduced armouring compared with Duel, but maintained a high level of protection, is dedicated to those who want to enjoy their racing bike both on and off the race track. HELLRACER offers accentuated comfort, essential for on-road riding, compared with the total protection found in Duel. To this an undoubtedly aggressive but balanced look is added, suitable for both the road and the race track.

DAINESE "Short Tracks" Gloves

Sale Price: $95.00
List Price: $189.00

SHORT TRACKS is undoubtedly the most aggressive “short” glove from the Dainese Style Centre. To all effects itis a racing glove: racing by its design, racing by its protection and inserts, racing by its materials and technical solutions for which Dainese is famous. Specially designed for racing use of naked bikes, SHORT TRACKS are developed from Motocross experience, where sensitivity in manoeuvring must be absolute. Drawing from this world, the glove emphasises comfort, expanding the possibilities of use thanks to a new concept of total protection (titanium and thermoplastic resin inserts) never before conceived of for a short glove.

DAINESE "RS-Yu Lady" Gloves

Sale Price: $55.00
List Price: $119.00

For the completion of the Yu mini-Collection that takes its name from the eponymous leather racing suit, Dainese proposes the simple and essential RS-Yu Lady gloves which, thanks to the special design and details, ensures elevated levels of protection combined with optimum comfort.
Extra attention was dedicated to particulars and finishing: the combination of cowhide and D-Stone fabric associated with protection developed with an eye to ergonomics and the application of precious graphic personalisation make the RS-3 Yu Lady glove the ideal choice for the Lady Yu style rider.

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More Dainese Gloves on Sale

DAINESE "Full Metal Racer" Gloves
Sale Price: $259.99
List Price: $329.00

Conceived expressly for racing, the Full Metal Racer glove was developed on the basis of precise indications of Dainese MotoGP racers like Valentino Rossi and Daniel Pedrosa, and is the exact replica of the glove both champs wore at the end of the 2005 season. Protection and comfort are the keywords in the description of the Full Metal Racer: composite protective pads in carbon and titanium associated with the high quality of the materials used and the sophisticated constructive technique ensure the highest level of protection and incomparable command of the controls.

DAINESE "Moto-X" Gloves
Sale Price: $67.00
List Price: $89.00

MOTO-X gloves are the right compromise between protection and comfort: the use of cowhide and Kevlar-Carbon protection guarantee the glove safety and reliability, while the use of high ergonomic performance materials like elastic Spandex optimise the glove's fit and comfort. For the greatest riding precision in every occasion, the MOTO-X glove features a special reinforcement on the palm in Soft-grip material that increases sensitivity for greater control. The competitive price and the attractive graphics make the MOTO-X glove the choice for today's rider.
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