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Im designing a set af Spiegler-lines, so they are ready to order when I find a Brembo RCS19 MC.

I was thinking making a 1-2 line setup, with direct-thread into the MC. Dont expect that should be a problem, though I havent got the MC yet?

My question is, how deep is the thread in the MC? With the M10x1.00 there is the option of:
13mm, 14mm and 15mm. Could of course just get the 13mm and be safe.
There is also the choice of a 60 degree and 90 degree cone - will it affect the power/feel different?

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I would just wait until you have the MC so you can measure all the lines the way you want them accurately and get the bend at the MC right. I no nothing about this MC but i'm sure its different than OEM location/specs.

Not sure what you mean about 1-2 set up but the SS aftermarket line kit I installed had two lines from the MC one going to each caliper. I believe the kit came with a longer banjo bolt at the MC to accomodate the two lines.

I'd wait till you have the MC so you can get the parts order right the first time. patience has its virtue as they say ;)
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