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Hi all,
I'm looking for a place that can wrap some ugly moldings off my car in carbon fiber (purely cosmetic, so they don't have to reproduce the part, just wrap it in CF).
Anyone know where this can be done?

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Re: custom carbon fiber wrapping? (Paul750)

Ther are some places that do that sort of thing, I think carbon-werks does it but they are in Califonia (LA). It is realitively easy if you have any fiberglass klowledge and a vacuum pump. I have done some misc. parts for my car and my bikes. It is easier than you think to do an overlay, molds are the hard part. Good Luck.

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Re: custom carbon fiber wrapping? (rossi46)

You might want to try it yourself.. it's not hard and will save you a ton of cash for other go fast parts!!

I picked up a used duc a few years back. The cans were rather crispy from years of neglect. The original owner never re-packed the cans, not to mention did much of anything else..
I loved the sound of the LaFranconis, and was not able to fork over the coin for new slipons. So I picked up some Carbon Fiber, Epoxy, and a six pack of Guiness and off I went. It only took a couple of hours of the weekend and they were finished! And they turned out pretty sweet.

I picked up the Carbon from carb.com, and the epoxy from West Systems. You want to make sure you use the 105 epoxy with the 207 hardener. It has some built in UV inhibiting additives. Also, try to pick up the proper pumps and you don't even need to worry about getting the proper mix right.

Open beer, Then scuff up your old parts, precut your carbon fiber, mix up the epoxy/hardener. Open another beer, Then brush on epoxy, then wet lay the part, work out any air bubbles. Open another beer, Let dry for a couple of hours. Open another beer, give part one more coat of epoxy. Ensure part looks smooth as glass. Let dry over night. Then Open beer, use dremal with cutoff wheel to cutoff excess, then sand for final fit. (make sure you wear a mask, carbon fiber/epoxy does some nasty stuff to your lungs) Open final beer and enjoy your hand refinished part!!

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