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New to the forum, so here's the requisite photo!

And now, the problem...bike ran very well, i owned it since 2001, and its a 2001 model.
One day after a short ride, I stopped at a neighbors house for a few minutes. When I restarted the bike it ran very roughly but I made it home...barely. Wouldn't restart again, and flooded. Replaced the sparkplugs, no help. Read a forum that fuel pressure regulator may dump too much fuel, so I replaced that. No change.
Put timing light on rear plug wire...no spark. Disconnected and reconnected, after cleaning with dielectric spray, all connectors I could find since all the bodywork was removed by now. Tested the impulse generator per the service manual and it's fine, but cannot get the 100v at the coil. After handling all the electronics (ECM, CDI, etc) and connectors, the weirdest thing developed...when first cranking, there is ignition that trips the timing light exactly twice, and the exhaust noise indicates there is an attempt to start. But, then, no further spark. Bench tested the CDI with a signal generator and there is 100v on the high side. Why would it fire twice, and then go dead?
Further, I've read on the forum that there is a 2-terminal connector near the ECM that, when jumped, causes the FI lamp to exhibit a diagnostic code. Several sources say this connector is green in color. No such connector exists in green on this bike...however there is this white one:

Normally, I'd be brave and just jump the terminals, but this bike is old, and replacement parts, particularly electronic are hard to find, so I haven't tried to jump them for fear of a direct short that would damage something.

An aside to all this testing there is one other peculiarity that coincides with this scenario, and that is that the instrument panel always let out a high-pitched whine as the digital display cycled through the tach's range; but , now it doesn't make a sound. Maybe that's a clue for one of you as to where I should look next.

All replies appreciated, but Scientific Wild Ass Guesses needed!

Thanks for your consideration...
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