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Corse Dynamics 1098-1198-SF Axle Nut Tool

This tool was specifically designed to work with OEM Ducati 1098/1198/Streetfighter OEM Nuts, Billet Aftermarket Nuts, or Titanium Nuts. This is the only steel tool on the market that has been made to work with all nuts on the market.

A standard socket will not fit properly on your 1098-1198-Streetfighter wheel nut. This is because the large axle nuts on the 1098-1198-Streetfighter, have a special inner taper. This tool is designedto fit perfectly and not ruin your wheel nuts. A locator built into the socket keeps the tool from slipping off the nut when tightening and possibly damaging the nut or your wheel.

The pictured item is a prototype that wasn't coated, the product will be coated in an impact safe black coating. Fits 1098/1198/ Streetfighter OEM or aftermarket wheel nuts

These sockets will not be available to ship until 6-15-2010, we have made them available for pre-order due to the high demand for this product.
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