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If I am Honda, I wouldn't get Stoner..... his is lack of passing skill..... he only know how to ride fast on his own.....:wacky

he may fuxk up the Honda, if he's the one developing the bike..... making him the only guy that can rode the Honda, and all other Honda on the grid suffering

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I think Honda are pleeenty capable of screwing up their own bike before rider input even becomes an issue lol

nothing ventured,nothing gained.
i applaud the technology they try at times.
right now yamaha is at the top,lets see what happens next year.
i hope nicky can do something with the lame duck.
people rag on him,but he has proven before he is capable of winning.
jorge is on fire!

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Poopy Puig and his boy Danny's not going anywhere....Honda needs Repsol money
I doubt Honda *needs* money...wants maybe!

I am starting to have a soft spot in my heart for Danny...part of me thinks he doesn't really enjoy what he does but he has been pushed and coerced by those around him...never had a chance to be a kid. <shrug>

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+1 Roth. The guy will have a Napolean complex for life as he's the size of the average 10 year old. It would be nice to see him win a championship as much as most of us are hatin on him for taking out his team mate yada yada. The other side of me says the nickname of the Turd is appropriate. We'll see how it goes as he grows up.

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Filippo Preziosi, Ducati Corse General Director
“I would like to thank Casey on behalf of our fans and our sponsors,
but most of all on behalf of all the people working at Ducati,”
commented Filippo Preziosi, Ducati Corse General Director. “The
victories and emotions he gave us, rewarded all the hard work and
sacrifice we made. In these four years together we have had a lot of
great moments. Securing the 2007 MotoGP World Championship title and
the victory at Mugello in 2009 were moments that we will never forget.
In Casey we not only found an incredibly talented rider, but also an
honest and loyal guy and that’s why there will always be a strong and
sincere bond between us, even as a competitor.”

Quote Stoner
“I must thank Ducati for giving me such a great opportunity to race
and win with them over these past four years” commented Casey Stoner.
“They took a gamble when they signed me at the end of 2006 as I was
unknown, but as we worked together we were able to win a Championship,
many races and challenge for the Championship in the last two seasons.
I have now decided to move on and I will have new challenges in the
future and different obstacles to overcome, but I will not forget
these years with Ducati and the people I have had the privilege to
work so closely with. So a big thanks to Ducati and all our sponsors
who we have shared success with while achieving lifelong goals.”

HRC Vice President Shuhei Nakamoto said:
“We are very pleased that Casey will join Honda again next year.
Clearly he is one of the top riders in MotoGP and he will bring
valuable speed and experience to our team. In the factory Honda squad
we already have two very strong and experienced riders in Dani Pedrosa
and Andrea Dovizioso who are performing very well and currently hold
second and third positions in the 2010 World Championship. HRC hopes
also to retain these two riders for next year - giving us what would
be a truly formidable line-up.”

I think Casey will do better with Honda on Bridgestones than he did with Honda on Michelins...


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I am starting to have a soft spot in my heart for Danny...part of me thinks he doesn't really enjoy what he does but he has been pushed and coerced by those around him...never had a chance to be a kid. <shrug>
Mary likes Danny and she is a great judge of character after all look who she married...

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