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CA tail light - same exact thing as here : Mine is as almost new. Tail light system I have now integrates lights and this was on my bike for under 300 miles.

$24 shipped - 1st person to PM me gets it.

Motorcycle Parts & Accessories : Glow Gauges, Illumiglo Gauges, Clear LED Taillights with Integrated Turn Signals, Fender Eliminators

same one on ebay is like $37 shipped for lowest price. CLEAR ALTERNATIVES TAILLIGHT HONDA RC51: eBay Motors (item 200465705237 end time May-26-10 14:30:57 PDT)

description from their website : Clear Alternatives' taillights are a direct replacement fit to the original stock units requiring NO further modifications. Clear Alternatives manufactures all its products using only the highest quality materials and all tail light units are assembled with state of the art machinery. Most units availble are a complete unit, this being the lens and housing as one sealed piece, however some units for design purposes may not include the full housing and instead will include just the lens and all neccessary bulbs.

This particular Tail Light is a Red Insert Version. Hence the name, all Red Insert Version tail lights have a Red Insert in the tail light housing, or in the case of not having a housing, a red casing is provided along with the clear lens and all neccessary bulbs. The purpose of this version, other than creating a distinquishing look from that of the stock tail light, is for those who still want a DOT approved tail light while getting that aftermarket look. With the tail light having a Red Insert, it gives the tail light the resemblence of an Altezza tail lights, which have been a major fad on Cars, Truck, and SUV's in the recent years. This accessory is a must have upgrade for any bike, and best of all it is fully legal! Do not be left behind, get yours today!

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