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Cbr f4i fuel pump won’t prime

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I have a 2001 cbr 600 F4i and a couple months ago my bike died on a ride like it was out of fuel but the tank was full. Pushed the bike home and realized I could no longer hear the fuel pump priming when I hit the kill switch to run. For the last couple weeks I have been going down this huge rabbit hole trying to figure out the problem with no luck. I got a new fuel pump, new fuel pump relay, bypassed the tip sensor, checked the pink wire witch is working fine, nothing is fixing the problem. I don’t hear the relay click when I turn the kill switch to run like I should and the fi light does not come on. When I jump the fuel pump at the relay (jump the power diagonally from the white and black wire to the brown power wire for the pump) my pump works fine. If anyone has an idea as to what the problem could be I would love to hear it cause I just want to ride again. Thanks
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