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Can seat lock assembly be re-keyed?

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My 01' RC did not come with a seat lock assembly unfortunately. I'd like my PC to be "securely" locked in the tail. If I purchase a new one(if they can still be had) can a locksmith create a key for it? I've searched multiple forums and no answer.
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If someone can just rip your PC out of your tail, you installed it incorrectly. The plugs are big enough that they will also need to raise the tank to get them out, and that means they also have to pull the tail and seat to undo the negative connection at the battery.

I just have a small pull cable on my latch. No need to worry about finding the key. It is easy enough to put it where the passenger pegs come out of the tail, but still inside. That way you can find it, but isn't seen easily.
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