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I've never done this, and I suck as a rider compared to some of what I have seen on this site, but I live in VA and ride here, in MD and in West VA, through some beautiful countryside, including Skyline Drive. I'd really like to shoot some on-bike video of some of the non-California (no offense!) eye-candy that's available to me and my buds on any given weekend.

Does anyone have any recommendations for equipment suitable for the task? Keep in mind that I am not wealthy, and I have to get all such purchases past the steering, appropriations and discretionary allotment officer. If you know what I mean...



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Re: Camer/mount for video? (DesmoBob)

It's not that hard to make something on your own.
You can use the bolts for the tank cap or you can make one like I did that uses vacuum to stay in place.
how do you get a pic in here?
On other forums I go

But it doesn't work???

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Re: Camer/mount for video? (rossi46)

Is that a cam that records straight to DVD media? Does that make the upload/editing easier? Thanks...

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Re: Camer/mount for video? (DesmoBob)

You want a digital video camera, and then you'll need a video capture card for your computer. Windows XP has some basic video editing software included, or I highly recommend either Ulead Video Studio or Pinnacle Studio 9 software. For ideas on a cheap mounting system (and some cool videos to download), go here: http://www.ridebehindvideos.com/videos.html.

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Re: Camer/mount for video? (bwhip)

Studio 9 is a good package, and it's under $100. Works great for basic and intermediate editing. If you get a DIGITAL camcorder you won't need a capture card on the PC because the information will already be in digital form on the camera. If you're feeding an ANALOG signal to the PC then you'll need a card to capture that analog signal and digitize it. Go with a digital camcorder.

Anyway, buy the digital camcorder and an editing package like Studio 9... and you're all set.

But you still need to transfer the digital data to the PC.

The DVD on that camcorder is just a different way to store the raw footage you're shooting with the camcorder. Some cameras use a cassette tape called MiniDV, some use a smaller or larger tape, and there's many other ways to store the digital signal including the little DVD.

The DVD in the digital camera would make it easier to transfer the captured digital footage to the PC, but it's not necessary. I remember reading that the DVD storage media makes the camera a bit bigger, but that was 2 years ago. It would make it easy because all you'd have to do is take the DVD out of the camera and stick it in the DVD reader in the PC. Take a look at that model and see how large it is.

The beauty of the PC editing software is that you can just shoot footage with the camcorder; just shoot away with little thought because you'll be transferring it all to the PC for editing and you can cut out, move around, and throw away all the bad footage. Without editing software you have to shoot the movie one scene at a time, and in the right order. FORGET IT... you can't do it that way AND make a good movie. When you edit the raw footage on a PC you can throw away all the crappy footage and not bore your friends.

For the transfer you'll need a high-speed connection such as Firewire. USB is way too slow. If you have a Creative Audigy soundcard then you already have Firewire. Just buy the cable and away you go. If you need a Firewire port on the PC then buy a Firewire card for probably $50. Or buy a new soundcard and get great sound and a free Firewire hub. A new Audigy card can't be more than $75.

Whatever digital camera you end up buying, you'll need to transfer the information from the camera to the PC. My camera is 2 years old and I've been out of the market for that long. There may be better ways to transfer but I see that Firewire is still on the latest Sony camcorders.

I can transfer an hour's digital footage in, well an hour. And remember, you'll need 13 gig of hard drive space for every 60 minutes of digital footage.

Point is, you don't need a capture card with a digital camera. You DO need a way to transfer from the camera to the PC.

See if you have a Creative Audigy soundcard. You can also go to Device Manager on your PC and see if an IEEE 1394 hub is installed. If it is then you have a Firewire port.

Hopefully someone who's really into digital will correct my post if my dated information is incorrect.

BTW: digital camcorders have really dropped in price. For well under $500 you can get something pretty good these days.


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Re: Camer/mount for video? (DanST4)

Also, you need to keep the wind off the microphone or all you'll hear is a deafening roar. Buy an inexpensive remote mike and stick it in your tankbag or under your jacket. Keep it completely out of the wind.

I have one of those SportBike Cam mounts and it's OK. I also have a helmet cam and that's really neat. You can mount it anywhere. I can capture my front or rear suspension movement, or my throttle hand, or straigh behind me. Fun.







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Re: Camer/mount for video? (DesmoBob)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by DesmoBob »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">Is that a cam that records straight to DVD media? Does that make the upload/editing easier? Thanks...</TD></TR></TABLE>

Yes, the camera records right to a dvd. There are single sided 1.4 gb write only or double sided 2.8 gb rewritable discs. You can put the disc in a dvd player or pc to veiw it or you can transfere via usb cable to pc for editing and burn to a regular dvd. It is very easy to do, it just takes a while. To edit, I use Sonic My DVD, it came with it. I also have pinnacle, but sonic is easier.
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