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Cam nut removal tool

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Hi guys new to the board, did a search but was unable to locate info. My question is if anyone knows if the Snap On Ball Joint socket part #S9613 is a suitable substitute for the Ducati cam nut tool. I saw this socket and thought it might fit since it has a 1" OD.
Thanks for the great info this board and all the users provide.
Happy New Year
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Re: Cam nut removal tool (Redduc)

hi i think that is the same tool i got,i had to modify it by making the tangs fit the nut but it works very well
Re: Cam nut removal tool (rainman916)

That is a pretty good tool but,a while back I was at BCM and they had like a bag full of the correct tool for 25 bucks each.Why don't you give 'em a call.
Ducxl, your opinion of Razee's please,

I'll try BCM and then the Snap On tool.
rainman and ducxl Thanks you your feedback
Re: (Redduc)

I source from razee only tires and balancing. They are completely uncooperative with "do it yourselfers". I bought my bike new there. When I discovered a cracked coolant tank I disassembled it and brought it in for replacement only to be told to reassemble and bring the whole bike in so they could service it
. I had the obviously failed tank in my hand and only after completely losing my temper did they cooperate. I avoided a Duc purchase in '99 and instead bought a '99 X1 Buell from Precision HD because Razee was adamant I WOULD NOT service my own bike. Precision HD,and it seems so far,BCM are of the mindset where "we can do as much or as little as the CUSTOMER desires
. BCM even sponsors workshops for "do it yourselfers". As a machinist I have a passion for Wrenching/machining my own projects. See my current project in the image gallery.
Do you live nearby? Are you a Razee representative?
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Same expierence here. Bought shims there last year and got porked on the price. Exchange basis so I paid twice. Plus I 've found that the regular parts prices are 10% over regular list. The old "bump book" practice from years past.
no question...not even close....BCM!!!
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