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Hello everyone, this is my first post.
So I purchased the Hypermotard, and I came up with an amazing business idea which has actually started to take off. I need the money to invest in my company right now. I'm keeping the bike. I can always get parts again later. I'm going to put what I have and pm me with what you need. I've never done this before so be kind.

Ducati performance ECU and CAM kit (new) retail much higher as you know 775.00+ shipping Firm 750 price drop
Ducca bike slipper clutch (new)5 spring red 470.00 + shipping
Ducca bike slave cylinder (new) red 150 + shipping
new 525 racing chain ( i have to look up what I paid)
Ducca new clutch plates (df01) 180+ shipping

All of these prices are lower then what I paid but I really feel that I have a great business idea and I want to see it through. If you want to make me a package price offer Ill try to cut a little more off for convenience of selling it all at once.
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