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bunch o' parts for sale. 998 ECU's, brakelines, guages, miscellaneous parts.

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hey gang,
clearing out a bunch of parts i just don't need to rustle up bucks for more parts!

stock 749 ecu (dunno if it's "virgin" or not...)
stock 998 ecu (unused)
stock 998 ecu (used)
DP 998 ecu (used, plastic damage but works fine)
brakelines for 4pad calipers (2 sets)
998 primary gear (does this work on other SBK's or 6speed SS, Monster, ST?)
stock SBK tool tray
stock SBK undertray
stock SBK crankcase breather bottle
rear brake lever
shift lever
SBK suspension rocker
water temp guage
speedo + dummy lights

all items currently on eBay. all items with low openning bids. all up with no reserve. all can be seen here:


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Re: bunch o' parts for sale. 998 ECU's, brakelines, guages, m ... (s4strati)

wow... a day left and i've only got a $1 bid on one of 17 items.
i must have "cooties!!!!"
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