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OK, this is important!

Dave, where's the :Woot:?

It was a staple of the board! Nothing spoke volumes about something funny the way the :Woot: did. What better exclaimation could there be at the end of a well placed jab at another member? It was so versatile!

I was a little nervous when I first encountered the new Smilies. They seemed foreign and strange. :Eek!: and :Biggrin: are good, and some of the others have potential. But I was thrilled to see the return of :Notworthy: and :Rockon:. How would we have survived without :Banghead:? Thank you for bringing them back.

But the :Woot:, man. Where's the :Woot:!? :confused: :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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