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The deltas between each variation seem a bit high. The 100 mile per charge version is $14k.

I'll pass for now. But I hope it is a success which encourages more development. It is the first e-bike I would even consider if the price was reasonable.

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Are these the guys in Oregon or soemthing like that? They sounded like a cool company with the right attitude if I recall....

And I can never forget some article I read about 10 years ago with some Honda engineer saying that by 2020 most new bikes would be e-bikes....

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No takers yet... You don't get 100 miles WFO... you'd be lucky enough to
complete 11 laps at Infineon... thats about 25 miles...

History was made as the TTXGP took to the field of the West Coast Moto
Jam at the Infineon Raceway, California. The race was won by Shawn
Higbee #22 on a Lightening Motorcycle... even though he lapped the field of
electric bikes Higbee was 18 secs per lap off the AMA Superbike pace... the
problem was not power but conserving enough battery power over the
distance... electric motors are good but the batteries still make the bike
heavy and short on distance...

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