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Wiki says...

Characterized by a look that is designed to look shorter that the super-stretched customs of recent years, bobbers take their name from the bobbed rear fender that originally defined the genre. Modern bobbers take the style in new directions, though defining exactly what a bobber really is can be tough

While there are no hard-and-fast rules, bobbers often sport old-school panhead and knucklehead engines, with a stripped-down look, a saddle seat, thin, tall wheels, muted colors, stock-ish handlebars, mid-mounted or stock-mounted controls and little or no front fork rake. They recall the carefree days when WWII had just ended, and everyone could get on with enjoying life.

a bobber is a motorcycle that has had many of the stock accessories removed to reduce weight or to present a "clean" or minimalist aesthetic. This usually includes safety and courtesy equipment like reflectors and turn signals and may include appearance panels and covers. The large art deco inspired fenders were often cut down after being damaged racing.


61 - 72 of 72 Posts