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Last week, the tracking finally showed us what we'd been waiting for. That our bike was scheduled for delivery at Miller's Motorsports in Lemont Furnace, PA.

Unfortunately, we jumped the gun and wound up hanging out in PA for a day, not getting much done. However, the following day the news came in that what we'd all been waiting for had come in.

They had this beauty on display:

What we'd all been waiting for.

This was on a Tuesday. So the guys got the bikes loaded up and brought them back to WNC for a very hastily done tear down. We had 2 days to get these things ready for a shakedown at a nearby race track.

The first thing we did was remove a lot of parts and components we didn't want or need. This included all street parts, lots of little brackets and reflectors, all ABS components, including the hard lines, etc. All in all, we dropped around 20lbs just by removing parts the bike no longer needed.

The new CP4 power plant:

Of course we installed our Graves full titanium exhaust:

This thing is absolutely beautiful.

Vesrah SRJLXX (RJLXX) brake pads:

We've come to trust these over anything on the track.

Of course, we had to get some track bodywork on and we'd ordered some Sharkskinz 2015 R1 bodywork last year. This stuff is really strong actually quite easy to put. Sharkskinz definitely puts time into making this stuff correctly. We've got some more really cool bodywork coming, so stay tuned for that.

We added some other familiar pieces that we also used on the old bike, such as the Graves WORKS 2.0 bar radiator cap.

Here you see the billet 19x18 Brembo master, Motion Pro Revolver throttle and Apex MFG GP clip ons w/Brake Guard.

Galespeed remote adjuster:

Of course we fitted an Ohlins TTX GP Shock Absorber:

Next were GB Racing Case Covers:

Ohlins adjustable steering damper. Also seen is the Sharkskinz intake duct.

In the process of removing the ABS system, we used Spiegler lines we already had to route to our calipers. We've got some new sets coming in shortly.

From there, we put a base ECU tune on the bikes and tried to heat cycle the engines adequately and loaded up for the track!

While at the track, we ran into Frank from Fast Frank Racing, who was kind enough to provide some captive and tapered wheel spacers front and rear as well as Fast Frank Racing 2015 R1 Captive Brake Caliper Kit for both bikes.

These things make life so much easier on and off the track. No worries of pieces falling out or banging into the rim, or having to align things perfectly. It's all just where it needs to be.

We didn't have time to change gearing on either bike and only had one bike running a shock. Despite that, the we decided to enter a few club races to see how the bike performed.

HUGE thanks to Tea from Pop Shadow Decals for getting us our custom stuff done and shipped in a matter of days. She is a world-class designed and printer, so if you need vinyl or wraps, check her out!

Right away the we noted that the bikes ran very strong, even on pump gas and with a very basic tune. With stock gearing, the front wheel lifts easily in third and the bike drives very hard off of corners. The bike did feel a little more nervous in some ways compared to the extremely stable 09-14, but it turned very well and just seemed to work. Both riders commented that the bike should probably have a damper, to help stabilize things under hard throttle.

On Saturday, we had a race incident, where an on-track rider took out one of our guys and the race was red flagged. Fortunately, he was OK for the most part and the bike held up very well. Not how we wanted to end our day, but things could have been worse.

On Sunday, we had Unlimited Superbike still, which was our last chance to get these things on the box (which was seeming doable at this point, even with minimal setup and even less parts). Both bikes started from the back row and by lap 3, both of our guys were top 3, only behind Stefano Mesa. Unfortunately, in the process of installing the captive brake, one of the bikes did not have a secure TC wire, which grounded on the rear rotor and caused the whole bike to go haywire. Had to pit in before lap 4. Our other rider went on to achieve 2nd place. Bear in mind, he only had an ECU tune, brake pads and the ABS delete we did.

This week, we finished up our ECU tuning! Very strong numbers for such a mildly modded motorcycle. The 200hp run is with race fuel.

All in all, we're thrilled with the weekend. Stay tuned! Really cool stuff is coming for the Superbike build.

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Some new updates this week. Still no paint, but we should have that handled before the next round.

First up, we installed a set of Dymag CA5 carbon fiber wheels, as well as an SBU rotor on our rear wheel, along with some Pro-Bolt titanium disc bolts.

The Dymags are awesome! They dropped just under 10lbs from the R1 (OEM wheels with OEM sprocket, to Dymags with included sprocket)

Also seen are the BrakeTech Axis Iron 330mm Rotors we used on our previous SBK build. These are temporary until we get our next rotors in.

We also fitted our Brembo MotoGP master cylinder. This should give amazing feel!

Also installed at the controls, was our Motion Pro Rev2 Throttle Kit. These are a great tool for any rider. The kit allows for a fully adjustable throttle, with several reels to allow for a longer or shorter pull. Even a progressive "road race" reel.

The cockpit on the SBU SBK 2015 YZF-R1

Lastly, we fitted Brembo GP4RR calipers. These are single piece CNC machined units, with titanium offset pistons. Awesome stuff! Naturally they were fitted with Vesrah SRJL-XX (RJLXX) pads. Spiegler Rennsport lines make up the plumbing.

On a completely unrelated note, one of our guys was at Ohlins today picking up some of our stuff and the Yoshimura Suzuki guys were there, being helped by our go-to Ohlins technician, Brad Stokes. Here are a few photos for your enjoyment.


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Well, we're back from another weekend of racing the new bikes. We had a weekend of ups and downs again. This was our guys' first time at Talladega GP and they didn't have much time to get up to speed. There were some fast guys there, including Taylor Knapp on his 15 R1s.

On Saturday, only Freddy did regional stuff and Anthony helped with pit duties. In his first race, he took a 2nd in Formula 1. The next race was A Superbike and in the 2nd lap, while attempting to pass for 3rd place, he collided with the rider he was attempting to pass.

The guys hustled to get the bike ready for Sunday's National races and with the help of Apex MFG, who provided some very trick prototype rearsets (which will be publicly for sale soon) and some other people in the paddock, they were able to get the bike ready in time.

On Sunday, both riders were competing in the National Superbike race. Unfortunately, Anthony had bad luck and seemed to get a bad rear tire, as his race times were actually slower than his morning's practice times and he reported that he simply had no drive. Pressures were spot on - very odd, and unusual.

Freddy got a terrible start, a mix of learning the new bike's clutch and it's electronics, but managed to fight his way back into a 2nd place finish. Anthony finished 4th. Currently our guys are 1st and 2nd in the points and we're hoping to continue to improve this season and maintain our lead. Stay tuned here!

Here's a video of National Superbike:

A couple of shots from the weekend:

We welcomed Steve Incledon (pictured left) to the team as well, he's current points leader in his class, running National Superstock. Also running an R1.

We got out first sets of 2015 YZF-R1 CRC bodywork in and test fitted. Very impressed so far, easy to install and extremely light. We really like the lines as well.

We're all loving the precut and shaped foam seat as well.

Then, we got in our Aliant X2P batteries and immediately installed a couple of them in our R1s. They dropped just under 3lbs from the already relatively light OEM battery and provide plenty of power to get the R1 fired up right away. We went Aliant because of their proven history of reliability and longevity (along with the 2 year warranty they offer).

Fit was great! We stuck one of the foam blocks it was packaged with in between the terminals to minimize movement in the tray above the IMU.

Then it was another crazy couple of weeks around here as we finished up a customer's engine/chassis build and at the same time converted all dyno hardware and SW to Winpep 8/DynoWare RT, but we managed to do a little racing over the weekend at NOLA.

Before all of that, we got a chance to install our Womet-Tech Frame Sliders and Axle Sliders. These are great pieces and a solid value. Take it from us that the frame will hit if you go down and these components can help you avoid that.

Then it was on to NOLA Motorsports Park for Freddy and Steve, who were hoping to maintain their National points leads at a brand new track.

After working on set up a bit, the guys walked away with a total of 2 first place finishes and 4 third place finishes, with both guys still in the lead of National Expert Superbike and Novice Superstock.

We got in our first batch of Bonamici rearsets for the 2015 R1! We actually really liked them. Well made, strong attention to detail and very light sum them up. They also allowed for a nice riding position for our rider.

We also got our Brembo T-Drive Rotors in.


We also got in our Auto Blip setup, as well as our first few titanium front sprockets. This sprocket is pretty cool! Weighs around half of the steel unit it replaced.

We didn't get a chance to really test the blipper. Some revisions are making being made to the software to improve performance.

After installing everything, we loaded up and the guys went down to Roebling Road Raceway for a regional race to work on setup. Freddy was in P3 in the F1 race and with 2 turns to go, highsided at about 90 mph. He's OK, the AGV Pista GP he had on did a fantastic job of protecting his head and he managed to walk away without any real injuries to speak of. Now begins the task of rebuilding for Road Atlanta in 2 weeks.

Next up is RA! We have some very nice things planned for the bike before then. Stay tuned!

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Pretty sweet. I want one bad but my wife would kill me if I came home with a new bike now especially since the harley only has about 150miles on it and I've sunk a ton of money into it.

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It's been far too long since we've posted an update, things have just been nuts around here lately! But we haven't forgotten about you guys and we've got some awesome updates.

First up, we have been itching to try some IMA adjustable offset triple clamps and they were nice enough to create a set for us to test and help develop. These are still in the works, but should be ready for all very soon. They allow adjustment of the offset and are substantially stiffer than the OE units.

We love the styling!

Next up, we wanted to test out the YEC camshafts+sprockets+valve springs combo.

Fast Frank Racing released his rear lift, which we quickly adapted to our bike.

We next fitted 39N's billet case savers. These are made in the USA with excellent attention to detail and with help from a couple of top teams racing in MotoAmerica's Superstock 1000.

We also fitted Attack Performance rearsets, which have a very nice range of adjustability and really look the part. Also seen are our FTECU auto blipper and titanium front sprocket.

Next up, we fitted our Fast Frank Quick Change Rear Kit and Lightech Chain adjusters!

These really clean up the swingarm aesthetically, but more importantly allow for exact chain adjustment and rapid rear wheel changes.

We then fitted a Lightech quick release racing fuel cap, which really simplifies trackside things and also looks fantastic in the process.

Also seen is our Lacomoto 2015 YZF-R1 airbox cover. (emblems will be fitted soon)

Now, onto racing! We've been having a hard fought year in WERA's National Superbike, with some tough breaks that have been outlined here. Recently, we made the trip to Mid Ohio and Miller, both new tracks for us. We achieved a 5th in tricky conditions at Mid Ohio, but went home early when day 2 was canceled due to inclement weather and track safety concerns.

We then made the trek to Salt Lake City, Utah for the Miller round.

Freddy learning the track.

Here Freddy and Steve, our National Superstock champion (center) are pictured with a couple of Hustle Hard Racing team, with whom they shared a garage over the weekend.

Freddy and Steve going out on track:

Discussing setup:

Now, onto the bad from the weekend. Freddy had a small mechanical issue related to his clip on during practice. He runs into the gravel waiting for the session to end.

Unfortunately, another rider had his eye on the exact same spot.

His bike impacts ours:

Hits Freddy:

Despite the dramatic photos, Freddy was mostly OK and the guys were able to get the bike in riding condition for the racing. Unfortunately, we didn't finish very well there on the SBK R1, but given the circumstances, we're just glad everyone came home in one piece. It also helped that Steve clinched the National Superbike title that weekend with 3 races still left! We are still in the lead in WERA Superbike, but by a small margin. It will be a tough battle to the GNF.

The bike as it currently sits!


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Get one! They are solid bikes.

Small update for you guys!

We are testing some prototype clip ons that seem very promising! These are used by several top MotoAmerica superstock guys and we'll have them for sale in anodized black soon.

We also moved to a Motoholders 2015 YZF-R1 subframe

This unit should be a little tougher than the very brittle magnesium stock units.

Then, we decided to up the volume on both our Superstock and Superbike machines!

First up, Graves was kind enough to get us one of their Moto1 canisters, for use with our full system. We are loving the titanium and welds on these.


We're excited to announce that we can offer these in 3/4 or full systems, along with the pre-existing slip ons to customers who can provide us with a basic document that they will be using the exhaust for race/track use only.

Now, with Anthony's Superstock/Supersport machine, we got a little love from SC Project and fitted their decat exhaust system.

The welds on this system are also quite pristine, as we'd expect from another MotoGP supplier.

All in all one word sums up these exhausts - LOUD! In the dyno room, we are now using earplugs on top of our standard ear protection. We'll be doing some sprint racing this weekend at Roebling Road Raceway and I think everyone is looking forward to hearing these on track.

And Stateside again...
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I'm deliberately setting my self up to purchase a new R1 in the next 3ish months. The wife just doesn't know it yet.

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Quick update for you guys!

We got our E/T production clip ons in stock! We're really liking these.

Here are some photos installed:

We've finished our penultimate WERA Nationals round at Road Atlanta as well, with Freddy taking a 4th and 5th in National Superbike, still leading the championship.

Here are some photos from the weekend, for your enjoyment:

On the grid:


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Nice man! You'll love the bike, we've had really good success with ours, winning a few expert championships this year, including WERA's National Superbike.

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Realized I didn't update this much last year.

We were still testing products for the bike and working on setup, as always. First up, we installed one of 39N's 5 button superbike pods. This is a nicely made piece that really cleans up the controls. The button setup is fully customized base on your needs.

Next up, we installed Attack Performance's new Rear Lifter / Chain Guard Combo. This is a very nicely styled kit and the integrated chain guard is really a nice touch for added safety and ease of installation.

Here's a shot from testing at Barber Motorsports Park last year, hosted by Sportbike Track Time. Geoff May was lending a hand to one of our guys and doing some riding on his former WSBK B-bike.

Here are some photos from the final race of last season.

For 2016, small update for you guys, we got some new bits and pieces in.

First up is a Brembo GP rear master, GP rear caliper and Cox Pro Titanium Radiator / Oil Cooler Guards.

These Brembo components are the lightest rear brake pieces in production and the Cox titanium guard will offer superior rock protection over aluminum.

Then we got to our Evol Technology rearset kit. These things are awesome!

The rear master bolted up to the kit right away. The plunger rod however was too long, so we chopped it down substantially to allow for proper brake pedal placement.

A close up shot of the peg, which has a greater diameter for better grip in all directions for the rider.

Next up is a little Pro-Bolt titanium hardware for the swingarm pivot.

These pieces are half of the weight of the OE components and certainly look better.

Last up is our Motoholders Fairing Stay / Superbike Ram Air Tube in Carbon Fiber.

This piece is substantially lighter than the stock component and will allow for substantially more air flow into the engine.

Stock pieces:

Pro-Bolt installed:

Cox installed:

Stock fairing stay removed:

Motoholders mounted:

Next up, we tackled the E/T rearset kit. Very simple to install, as they are shipped pre-assembled. The kit uses an ingenious design that involves reversing the lower engine mount bolt and utilizing a special nut fitting for the shifter pivot. This eliminates the heavy OE kickstand assembly, for a substantial weight loss.

A couple of shots of the brake side, with the GP master. Also seen in these photos are our newly-installed Lacomoto carbon fiber swingarm covers, in twill carbon fiber.

We snapped a few shots in the trailer as well, on the way to our first test of 2016:

At the track along with another project race bike we're building, the Ducati 1299 Panigale.

We also installed a set of Samco hoses, but no photos of that yet.

Track testing went mostly well, we gained some valuable data and learned we'd gone a little too far with some big geometry changes. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough track time to completely sort it out, but we have a full day of testing scheduled before our first major race. More updates coming soon.

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Another quick update for you guys, we received our Yoyodyne Slipper Clutch.

This unit is considerably lighter than the original unit, with much better engagement, utilizing a ball bearing design. This should mean better feel off throttle and better launches, coupled with quicker acceleration, thanks to reduced engine drag.

Here's the stock clutch assembly, for those who may not have seen it.

Yoyodyne installed:

We opted to replace all fibers and hard plates during this install.

The Yoyodyne slipper clutch also comes with an arm that replaces the stock unit. This is because the Yoyo unit has more springs and can produce a stiffer lever feel. The new arm fixes this.

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I'm happy to say one of our big projects is finally done, with the help of some very talented people.

We've been working on producing a Superbike-spec swingarm that we originally saw on the Milwaukee Yamaha that dominated the BSB series last year. They are now being used by practically every factory backed Yamaha superbike or endurance team. We'd gotten information that these arms increased rear grip and exit drive without negatively impacting handling, so naturally we were interested.

After a lot of R&D and some time, the first unit is now complete! It allows for a little over 20mm of additional wheelbase, while retaining the ability to operate within the stock range, unlike other arms we have seen.

We immediately fitted the arm with Lacomoto swingarm covers and a FFR rear quick change kit with Lightech chain adjusters and a chain tab.

Axle blocks:


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