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Have any of you SPEEDZILLA readers tried PIVOT PEGZ??? If not, DO IT. We recently did some testing and used PIVOT PEGZ on our SM bikes and you will not believe the amazing control and ease of use you will gain.

I never thought that they would provide that big of an advantage, BUT HOLY $*** DO THEY.

No more grinding toes off your boots trying to get your foot under the shifter during mid corner. Tons more control over the bike in mid air of a jump. It's as if it acts as a entirely different bike. The list of benefits goes on. You'll see once you try them.

My only complaint is that I wish I had these last year.

Don't take my word for it, GO GET SOME.

One of the riders on my team had to have his ankle fused in a surgical proceedure because of an accident roadracing. He would always complain that his foot and ankle hurt after putting in 10-20 hard laps. After using PIVOT PEGZ he rode like he never had the fusion on his ankle, he never complained. He even said that it didn't even cause any pain. He was actually much faster because he didn't have the distraction of the pain during his riding.

I don't normally post much about products, mainly read what others have to say about things. But I couldn't pass up this opportunity to tell everyone about these awsome pegz.

I got mine from BRAP Offroad. Call Marty Graver at BRAP Offroad (brapoffroad.com)and tell him to send you a set today. He's a great guy and will really help you out.

Thanks everyone.
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