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Has anyone here ever had experience with Beringer brake products? My brother just bought a 2001 GSXR 1000 for a track only bike and it has a Beringer radial master on it. I have ridden other gixxers of the same year with the stock master and race pads, but this thing has brakes for days with very little effort and a ton of feedback!

I am seriuosly considering this master, just wanted to get some feedback on it.

By the way, my brother stole this thing for $4500. 2001 GSXR 1000, carbon bodywork with prof. paint job, giles rear sets, radial master, brand new exhaust, brand new dunlop slicks, and very low mileage. Guy crashed it on the street, fixed up nice and sold it for cheap. He is a racer, Mike Earnest, and owner of Pacific Track Time.

Here is a link to Beringer Brakes: http://www.beringerbrakes.com/aerotech.html
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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