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Battle with the Great Macaroni or The Terminal Termignoni

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I bought it and then it came. It waited quietly for my return from far far away. All was wonderful until I tried to install it on the bike.
It fought me every step of the way kicking and me screaming, God, why have you forsaken me!! Installing a 57 mm Termignoni exhaust system is a twelve pack endever to be sure. I labored for two days fearing that the male instinct to destroy
would overpower me. I keep having this mental image of my bike suddenly convulse
and turn into a baloon animal from the stress of the unwilling tubes winding under the frame. Digging the stock ECU out from under the battery and installing the replacement ECU was a piece of cake compared to the pipe install.
The good news is the bike started on the first turn, unreal, sounds healthy too.
Now if it would stop snowing for a while I will take it out for the first ride. There is still a gravel quary full of sand on the roads around here from the winter snows.
Being that the bike is brand new I want to ride it with some intent and not just putt around, if you know what I mean.
There is a bright side to the delay in the first ride though. I can detox myself seeing as how I have become an alcoholic from the adventure. Cheers!
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Re: Battle with the Great Macaroni or The Terminal Termignoni (Sagerider)

You have mastered the Termi God's nicly little one.....now go and ride!
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