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Hi I use to have my battery tender hooked up all the time?? but it seems when I have it hooked up for awhile you can hear the battery bubbling, and one time my bike would not start because the water/acid level was bone dry...
so I think my battery tender is messed up??? should the battery be bubbling...?? on a tender. I had my battery refilled with acid and is fine but It still bubbles..??? is this normal?? Is it just because my battery is old ( Is the brand FIMM the orginal battery?) and the tender just keeps overcharging it and evaporating the water/acid??? or does it sound like my tender is gone?? the charging and all the lights on the tender seem to be working just fine turns to green when the battery is fully charged??

Also would I have better luck with a sealed battery??? but would this still happen (water/acid evaporation)??

Thank you.....

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Re: battery tender overcharging?? (DucatiR)

Throw it out. The regulation circuit is not working. It's cooking the battery.

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Same thing happened to me, but it was a polaris charger circa 1994. Any lead acid battery will off gas during charging but it sounds like yours is not cutting back to a maintenance level. If so it will kill any battery, sealed might last a little longer, they have more electrolyte to boil off.
If you have a newer Deltran charger they will probably exchange it for you. Good folks.
Here's enough battery info to answer almost any question:

And a very good site for almost any battery.
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