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I think thats it for my track day season. gotta save some $$$ for the move to cali.
I really want to do VIR before i head to the west-syeed, but dont think thats in the cards.
guess i'll have to make do with laguna seca

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Re: (Hams51)

Same helmet I have...great minds think alike...
Not to mention fellow New Yorkers ( Brooklyn Yo

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Re: Barber Again!!! (Rookie)

Sweet for you!

When is the big move happening?

I am moving from an apartment to a house I am buying, it's only 13.2 miles away, somehow I think my move will be a bit easier.

I am waiting for Momentumphoto to put up our pics from Road America on Thur the 9th. I can't wait to see my awful body position on my new bike, I was going faster than I had there before, but I was having problem even touching a knee down (wierd).

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Re: Barber Again!!! (Hoovenater)

my wife and I decided to try out Cali this year. We are both teachers (math and science) and can pretty much try any state. So we chose the one with the most family, and... tracks

we are not looking forward to the move, but once we're settled everything will come into place.

I dont even think i'll be able to ride next year until we are settled (financially, etc...)

thanks for all the support you guys!!!
hope to meet/see you guys on the west coast tracks
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