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Back Protector

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WTB: Back Protector

Looking at getting a back protector. Here Bohn and Knox are good. Willing to look at others as well. I know sizes vary. I am 5'8" and 225#. Thanks.
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Re: WTB: Back Protector (1literduceater)

alpinestars makes one of the better ones. check them also.
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Re: WTB: Back Protector (oneducs)

I have been looking at theres. I found one for sale on the NESBA board but it was to big.
I have a Bohn Pro Racer. Works very well. I have personally tested it a few times. :(
I've got a D-Tech back and chest protector I don't use anymore. In most areas, it's 1/2" of high density foam covered with a thin layer of plastic. I frankly think it's the best kind of back and chest protectors out there. I'm 6', and it was a bit short for me, but may work fine for you. I can take some pics for you if you want.
Awesome....I would love a picture or two. Cost???

[email protected] :rockon
Sorry for the delay. I sent you an email with pics and cost.
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