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Ayrton senna with his Ducati ??

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Ayrton Senna with his Ducati ??

does anybody has this picture?
that would be nice to have on the wall!
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Re: Ayrton Senna with his Ducati ?? (ajaj1976)

hi i am not sure but i think he past away before the bike was done, correct me if i am wrong.
Re: Ayrton Senna with his Ducati ?? (rainman916)

There's a pretty good Ducati book written by Jon Thompson and Joe Bonnello that has a reference to the Senna bike. They state that Senna was killed at Imola within about a week of signing the paperwork agreeing to help in the design of the the Senna special-edition. Apparently all he had worked out was the color scheme. Too bad...
Re: Ayrton Senna with his Ducati ?? (Jeff H.)

Yes hi died before the great 916 senna model , but i am 100 % sure that he had some older Ducati models!
i saw pictures in some magazine long time ......
I remember the pic, but can't find it in anything I have. It's in a whole series that portrays his home life, including pic's of him and his girlfriend. The picture features a 900SS (I think) and has him kneeling next to it, either cleaning it or inspecting it. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it anywhere.
The pic is in a series that looks to be some sort of personal stuff taken at his home. I don't think the pic had anything to do with Ducati aside from it being in the picture (which probably gave them the idea for the edition). Hope this helps
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