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Saw an article in Motorcycle Racer on a Honder CBR600RR that had some wicked race bodywork and an internet address for the company that made it...Arie Molnaar, a cycle dealer in Holland. So, in reading up on this company, I decided to use BabelFish to translate the first couple paragraphs of the company's history....Dutch to English...and this is what I got....

"In 1964, the person whose birthday it isperson whose birthday it is person whose birthday it is starts Arie miller with its woman cycles bromfietshandel, taxi company and petrol pump in Lopikerkapel. In 1965, zoon Arie becomes born. In 1969, comes for the Monique. Arie, better confessed after the birth of its zoon as "large Arie" repair by day bicycles and auto-cycles, whereas he drives the taxi in the evening hours. After some years the taxi company is ricocheted because the fietsenhandel are meanwhile extended with mutter - and engine bicycles and put the Molenaartjes in this all energy."

I really liked the part about "ricocheted because the fietsenhandel are meanwhile extended with mutter". Makes perfect sense to me....:eek:
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