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August is still a ways off but I want to let you know your all invited to a motorcycle rally to be held at Spangdahlem Air Base in Germany Aug 5-7th. Costs are still being worked out but it will be somewhere between $15-25 US dollars, There will be on-site (free) camping Here is the schedule of events.
Friday, 5 August
Camp Grounds, across from the base Bowling Alley will be available for visitors to set up camp in the baseball fields. No bikes on the fields! Bike parking is allowed in the parking lot. restroom facilities are located near the camping site along the South side of the Bowling Alley and marked on the base map. Shower facilities will be available at the base Gym. The American Legion in Speicher will also have campsites available. For those who aren’t for the outdoor type environment, there are local several hotels for attendees on a first come, first serve basis.

Early Bird Runs:
These are short scenic rides to local sights. We will have five separate rides to the Castles of Bernkastel, Viaden, Cochem, Manderscheid, and the Porta Negra in Trier.

Bike Parking, Sturgis Style, will be located in the base Bowling Center parking lot.

Sale of Rally Packs at Event Central. There will be xxx rally packs available for distribution on a first come, first serve basis. Rally packs will be for sale (cash only) and include event sheet, a base map, list of base agencies, rules of Do’s and Don’ts and food coupons. Can’t Do Sturgis souvenir patch, pin and T-shirt will be sold seperately.

Burger Burn located at the base Pavilion and hosted by the Eifel Riders. Burger Burn will be $X. BEER

Motorcycle Rodeo, located in the parking lot in front of the base Bowling Center. The rodeo will showcase both cruisers and sport bikes and consist of three riding events.

Evening Entertainment will consist of a live band, energetic DJ and non-bike games at the base pavilions. BEER

Saturday, 6 August
Poker Run Registration will be at Event Central where riders get their poker registration card and route map.
Blessing of the Bikes will be conducted by the wing chaplain, Lt Col. John Sanders, before the riders depart on the poker run.

Poker Run. This year’s poker run is a ride through Germany and Luxembourg. There will be three stops along this scenic route through Irrel, Trier and Bernkastle where riders will receive their cards. The final card will be dealt back at Event Central where officials will identify the “Best” and “Worst” hands.

Photo op with A-10 a.k.a. “Hog” and F-16 a.k.a “Falcon”. People will have the rare opportunity to have a photo taken with their ride in front of an attack aircraft. Based on a donation to cover cost of photo.

BBQ will be hosted by the 52 LRS at the base pavilions where you can grab a bite and admire the bikes. BEER

Motorcycle Rodeo, will consist of three additional riding events designed for both cruisers and sport bikes.

Evening Entertainment will consist of another live band or energetic DJ and more non-bike games at the base pavilions. BEER

Sunday, 7 August
Breakfast Buffet at the Eifel Club. Eifel Club will honor rally coupons. Breakfast buffet

Show and Shine. There are three categories: cleanest, most customized, and People’s Choice.

Prize Presentation will be held for all the events. Winners must be present to receive their prizes.

Tentative prize valued at:
Motorcycle Rodeo - $__ per event x 6 = $___
Poker Run – Best = $___
- Worst = $___
Show and Shine – cleanest = $___
most customized = $___
and People’s Choice = $__

Other Information
There will be local vendors possibly from POLO & Hein Gerich and Harly Davidson
Last year there was a dyno set up to run your bikes on. Of corse there will be BEER and lots of it
Anyone interested in attending please e-mail me so we can work on getting your clearence to drive/stay on base. this will require a passport from your country and there will be a back ground check done for security reasons

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Man that sounds like fun...."scenic rides to the Castles of Bernkastel, Viaden, Cochem, Manderscheid, and the Porta Negra in Trier"
Wish I lived even remotely close.

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oh man.
I was stationed in germany from 97 to 01... I used to party up at spangdahlem (air force chicks) and trier all the time. Ah the good old days......

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Re: (phil77)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by phil77 »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">oh man.
I was stationed in germany from 97 to 01... I used to party up at spangdahlem (air force chicks) and trier all the time. Ah the good old days...... </TD></TR></TABLE>

I hope your "air force chicks" are different than those from my memory (83 to 85):

short, fat, with greasy hair and used hydraulic fluid for perfume

They were some of the gnarliest women I've seen in my life. Now, the civilians working on base were a different story.


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Re: Attention European Riders! (bruntr)

sounds like a great event.
Fortunatly I live close to Koblenz and as a professional pilot and Ducati rider I have double interest in coming to Spangdahlem.
Perhaps we can meet at the Nurburgring before...?

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