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900SS/FE said:
Hey all,

I've recently been given an opportunity to move from San Francisco to Paris. I just bought my Duc a few months ago and never really planned on selling it, thus I want to take her with me. Besides it's always been a dream to ride all over Europe on a Ducati. Anyone have any prior experience with the process/costs required? Reliable shippers? Customs/Legal issues? Thanks in advance for your aid! :notworthy

First thing first. As I am swedish and living in France. I had almost the same problem.

How long do you plan to stay in France? Will you "sign out" of USA? Can you keep here on America register and insured in USA? What I am trying to say is that you can go to Europe for a long time. No one will ask questions.

I had a Spanish bike for a long time in France. No worries. France is very open. It is not like most people think. France is not about eating frogs and snails. It is about driving fast bikes and eating good food.

I also also had a Swedish one in France. A friend just moved to France from Sweden with his 996 SPS on Swedish plates. No worries and who cares? Still Swedish.

Okey you are not Europeen but it might work.

As long as you have papers and insuransans on the the bike you will be allowed to drive here. It is no worries if the police stops you. The problem might be to get the bike here.

When you are here it is okey.

The French police are generaly very nice. They like bikes. Fast and noisy bikes. Ducatis. I have a been driving Ducatis in France for 8 years. Fast, wild and on on Swedish, Spanish and Frensh plates with open exhaust and it is no worries.

For an American this can be difficult to understand but Europe is open and free and not like Amerika. We have 20 countrys in one.

It is no borders exept for Switzerland that do not like to be in the family and the scandinavia countrys. If you enter Eu you are in and no worries. You are on holiday. I could be wrong but that is my experiense.

If you by some reason want to import the bike to France and follow the regulations (we dont like that here) I think that you will have to pay 20% VAT and have to do a bit of French paperwork. Ohh yes. In Frensh of course. You will also need to get a paper from Ducati France in Frensh. You need a OOC to tell the goverment that your 900FE follows europeen law. The problem is USA and EU 900 FE are not the same so it might turn to shit.

Maybe some Frensh speeking person can help more. The place to check out is D.R.I.R.E. (Directions Régionales de l'Industrie, de la Recherche et de l'Environnement ) They handles special imports. They give me the papers on my Swiss 900 MHR 1984 and they know every thing but only in French and are the guverning part for import.

What I would do is to check out the regulations for holidays. Will some one know that you are here? Why not go to Switzerland on holiday. It is not EU. Drive from Switserland to France and you are home. How long can you be here? You can say. I want to travel the world so I dont know. It might sound naiv but I would check it out.
If you can keep your bike on US plates you should do it. Okay last chance.

Drive from USA to Canade to Greenland to Iceland to Sweden to Denmark to Germany and you are in France. It might be cold but should work with a few ferries.

Anyway when you are here paradise is waiting.

Good luck and send me a mail when you are here.

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