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Anyone dealt with motorcycle batteries usa

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Like the topic reads.

Heres the skinny I ordered the new small sealed battery and aluminum flying D box

However it was ordered on 2/15 and they dont answer my emails (5 sent) and faxes 2 sent, and they dont have a phone #. Anybody in Irvine Cali know of this business?

Now there site says they are out of stock
The bad part is they Immediatley charged my account on 2/15.

any help fellas
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I've used them twice but not had any problems.... I don't remember how long it took though. I think they emailed me when it was shipped. Sorry man, good luck
Re: (Lawdog78)

that sucks ! i oredred my yuasa battery through cycle gear and saved 3 dollars on price plus i dotn ahve to pay for shipping from cycle gear. if u have store there u should try them out.
Re: Anyone dealt with motorcycle batteries usa (brettmess24)

If they don't send you a battery and you exhaust other avenues let us know. I live near Irvine and am a LEO. I can swing by their office if needs be. I expect you should be able to get your money back no problem through your c.c. company though.
Re: Anyone dealt with motorcycle batteries usa (hbliam)

I have bought a half dozen batteries from them over the last few years without issue. Problems, mistakes and backorders happen.
Re: Anyone dealt with motorcycle batteries usa (908SSP)

Problems and mistakes happen I agree, but when they dont answer any of your emails and faxes that in my book is not a mistake or mishap.

That is what I call bad customer service

If they are on backorder dont you think they would let me know and not charge my card. Isnt that what any good business would do?

Rather they take my money immediatly dont answer any questions and now I have to get my bank involved

Wouldnt it just be easier to say: Sr the part you have ordered is on backorder we will refund your money and contact you when the part comes in.

I would have ordered it from motowheels but they had free shipping and it was $8 less than moto. my mistake

All in all I just want my money back
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