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been trying to get winter project going in bits of time. I have test run the motor a few times and had little or no issues. I got all the brake and clutch lines bled:banghead and now i am ready to roll, or so i thought.

Started it up i think wednesday to go get gas and try it out. Bike ran fine at idle and with the new exhaust i had no idea of exactly how she would run once taken out for a beat. Got going down the road and got her up to like 8-9k rpms and she started to spuddle/misfire? i see the yellow gas light on and thought it was running out of gas or a pinched fuel line?

pulled in the clutch and idled fine? took off again and sure enough cough, puke, fart and alomost die as i rev it up. i did get her turned around and back in the garage and noticed the PC a pit hot to the tough and i have worked out some more heat protection now but i am wondering if i can get some ideas on the cause here, maybe pinched fuel line or maybe overheating the PC?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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