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Anybody have speedo healer problems???

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I got this bike back in April and it had the sprokets changed and no healer. SO I bought the good speedo healer on the net. Well I used the GPS to set it and then checked it, worked fine. Well I have been sick most of the summer and in and out of the hospital and taken a lot of short rides around home and 2 rides over 150 miles. When I was fooling with it a couple weeks ago to get it ready for winter and getting in the last couple small rides. I noticed I had over 2000 miles on it. There is no way I put that on it this summer any one else have a similar problem?? Don't know what to do??
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You say the speed is accurate?

Bro, I'd check with heal tech and see what they say.

Maybe that is where I should start. I had a tech guy tell me from one of the dealers that they had sent some back. And they were acting funny. Of coarse I would get a crazy one??:confused: Thought maybe someone on here had had the same problem. HOOVY
I think I would try the test mode, and use a calculator and stopwatch to verify that the miles advance at the same rate of speed you set the test mode at.

Basically when you put it into test mode it sends out a 1mph signal to the speedo. Each subsequent push of the test button doubles the speed 1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256.

Note that the mileage should advance at the same rate of the TEST signal, not the indicated speed. Any difference between the signal and indicated speed is due to speedometer error.

If the odometer is accurate, I would then have to ask you a second question:

Does your son have a friend named Ferris Bueller? :woot:
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