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I installed a Sigma (Yoyodyne) slipper,OEM clutch plates (w/5000kms on them) and Motul 300V synthetic oil. The clutch started to slip under hard acceleration until it became so bad I had to come in and call it a day.

I replaced my worn OEM clutch plates with Hyperplates and a 50/50 blend of 100% synthetic and convention (Someone's suggestion) and no more slippage for the next 3 track days.

Prepping for the 4th track day the bike dealer recommended a Pre-blended semi-synthetic. My clutch started to slip after the first couple laps and got progressively worse very quickly.

My questions are, Has anyone else experienced similar and if so was it oil related? and if so what specific oil worked for you? or any other possible solutions.

I have a yoyodyne and used this to help install it:
Motorcycle Slipper Clutch Operation and Adjustment
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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