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A Japanese fellow RC51 owner is selling his bike and has taken his Akrapovic RC51 Titanium exhaust off to sell seperately.
He's replaced the sleeves and packing recently - doing the same as I did - replacing the carbon sleeves with Titanium, so they should last longer and not burn through. He didn't fit Akrapovic stickers, although it's possible to get some inexpensively. Note the springs can sometimes need replacing - and you'll need new honda OEM exhaust port gaskets to fit this system.

I'll paste a picture below.
If you'd like this exhaust, PM me your full name, address, phone number and e-mail address and I can send you an invoice from my company, Home

We don't usually deal in used bike parts like these, but being that new isn't available and this is very desirable - since some people have expressed a strong interest in getting their hands on one of these kits, here's a picture.

The owner also knows other RC51 owners in Japan (including myself - but I already have this exhaust system) - I don't expect it'll be around for long. He's been putting the word out this is available.

So if you do want it, get in touch ASAP to avoid dissapointment. It's not cheap, but around half the price of new (In Japan).

I'm away (car) endurance racing this weekend, but will be back home about 36 hours from now - so can respond to any PM's then.
From the picture that looks like the regular Akro SP2 full system which is actually s/s headers with ti link pipes NOT the full ti high exit HRC-style system you have on your bike. These Akro kits are no longer in production but if recent posts are correct some can still be found new. This one looks like it might be missing the heart-shaped collars that fit the SP2 exhaust ports?



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