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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the system you have pictured is not a 'Basic Racer' system.
This one pictured is.
The first real way to tell is that the inlet side of the cans were the older style Akro's, not the cone shape like the ones you have.
The flange plates that are at the exhaust ports on the 'Basic Racer' system, were also made of 3mm thick stainless steel.
The ones you have are made of aluminum, and are nearly 10mm thick.
Please accept my apologies if my coments offend.


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Kurt, who told you it was a Akro Ti basic racer system? I know I never did unless that isn't the system off my old bike.

The system off my old bike was just a regular (if it could be called regular) Akro Ti system that they sold to anyone.

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System up for grabs again! Full Akra system with HRC/Akra Stickers. SEE 1st Posts for pics.. $850 shipped OBO..
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