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Aftermarket Parts Sale (SP2)

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The time has come to part with my beloved bike. Therefore nearly all the extra goodies need to find a new place to stay.

The parts are off a 2005 with just under 8k miles (not all the parts have that many miles on them). Everything is in pretty close to like new condition.

I dont have individual pictures of everything right now but can snap some if needed. There is a picture of the bike at the end of the thread and you can see most of the parts.

Also, the parts are all still on the bike so you will need to give me time to remove and box.

I will accept paypal as long as you include the 2.9% fee, money orders are also an option.

Prices DO NOT include shipping unless otherwise stated.

I am open to offers but don't low ball me, please.

Here is the list:
  • CRG Hindsight Lane Splitter barend mirror(folding) --$75 shipped
  • CRG Blindsight barend mirror (mini) --$35 shipped
  • Derlin barends to fit said mirrors --$35 shipped / these have been machined to fit the mirrors
  • Scorpio SR-i500 2 way alarm with remote ignition disable (anti-hijack) add on and lcd remote-- $200 shipped
  • CRG brake and clutch levers, silver w/ red adjuster, shorties --$140 shipped/ pair SOLD
  • QB Carbon Vented front fender --$100 + your stock 05/06 fender SOLD
  • LED Tail light that connects to blinkers and will flash. Previous owner put a clear piece in the bottom to act as a plate light. --$25 shipped SOLD
  • Magical Racing Iridium Stepped Screen (has some scratching but still looks good) --$45 SOLD
  • Sato low mount exhaust with carbon banzai cans (approx. 6500 miles)--$800 SOLD
Has a small amount of boot rubber on the left mid from reaching the kickstand.
  • Penske 8981 Shock with 550 spring --$550 SOLD / would be a good idea to have this rebuilt as I do not know the exact mileage. I am 165 LBS and this is perfect for me with a shock link.
If you buy this I will send my lengthened kickstand in exchange for your stock.
  • Mori Shock Link --$275 SOLD
  • Speedo Healer --$85 SOLD
  • Shift lever from BlackbirdXX for reverse pattern --$20 SOLD
  • CarbonPartz (MRGRN)
Red and Black Twill Clutch Cover --$60 SOLD
Red and Black Twill Frame Covers --$120 SOLD
Red and Black Twill Mori style Fins --$110 SOLD
Black Twill Heel Guards (some scuffing from boots) --$65 SOLD
Black Twill custom tank guard to fit around STOMP grips --$75 SOLD
  • HRC 1/6th turn throttle --$50 shipped SOLD / you will need to give me a few days to remove this however.
I may have a few more pieces to add later but we will see.

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id be interested in the banzai cans by themselves. i already have sato lows on my bike as it is but i would rather have some smaller banzai cans.

lemme know
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