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Aftermarket Mirrors....

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I stumbled along on these in Japan!!! They are awesome!


Made by FAR Spa:

Some have integrated turnsignals (even for the SS & Monsters!) Amber/Smoke/Clear....

Run about $115 an PAIR!! (In Japan no less!!!)

I don't know if anyone in the states is carrying them yet, but they have applications for ALL models: SS/SBK/M/MTS!!!

Good 'pick-up' for Section8/DucSeattle!!????

Blonde is already with the movers so I don't have any pics with them on, but they are VERY Good Quality!!!
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Re: Aftermarket Mirrors.... (BlondeDucati)


The same thing......?
Re: Aftermarket Mirrors.... (BlondeDucati)

Thanks for the insight, but....http://speedzilla.zeroforum.com/zerothread?id=37411

Kinda been there and done that!
They ARE awesome mirrors though!!
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Re: Aftermarket Mirrors.... (Holliday)

Anyone got pics of any aftermarket mirrors installed on 999?

I know they do exist, just never saw any photos of them installed.
Re: Aftermarket Mirrors.... (BlondeDucati)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by BlondeDucati »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">All:
Blonde is already with the movers....

So, did you ever figure out the importing bit, or is blonde going to be a "track bike"?
Re: Aftermarket Mirrors.... (750SS_Duc)

Well I got my letter from DUCATI Japan stating that I changed all the dissimilar parts...

Front Reflectors
Rear Reflectors
Charcoal Canister

That list was a bit shorter than the Ducati Spa list I got vial e-mail -a LONG battle...DNA wouldn't give me ANYTHING!!!. They included the CPU...

I e-bayed all except the speedo...

The speedo I modified myself by getting a monster pack the was damaged and just swapped the faces.
The scale really looks the same. I unfortunately haven't ridden with it swapped so I haven't put out a report for the folks that might be interested. Once I do, I want to be able to convinve SUPERDIALS to make some nice ones!!

So long story short...I convinced the military movers to take her...I'll see in late June if she actually gets through customs/EPA insp....I really think she will since she's not being shipped seperately! (solo).
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