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I am VERY interested in this bike. FINALLY someone has stepped up and fired the first large displacment V-twin salvo.
After having been on the 660 for so long, I can readily admit that "single life" ain't for me.
I am leary of a couple of aspects where the 950 is concerned.

First is KTM parts&service availablility- I haven't really known anyone who owns a KTM as a primary bike. MuZ has taught me to be patient where replacement parts are concerned and I don't want to see KTM the same way. The recent KTM/Polaris venture is looking favorable for KTM's future in the states, but often the future is dimmer than the false illumination it is hyped with. Skeptical - yeah that's it.

Second is the price. I have heard rumors of the price for the 950 being betwenn 12K &14K when all is said and done.
Those numbers concern me the most because depreciation may prove the purchase of a "SM" a sucker move.
I am shocked at how little my MZ is worth, and to think that two years after the purchase of the KTM I may be looking at a 50-70% loss in resale value.

Concerned I am, but the drooling can't be stopped.

and I can NOT decide what color I like best....



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Re: about that KTM 950SM (AtomTan)

I think they are a lot better now when it comes to getting parts. I know that the 950 Adventure sells for like $13K, so I would think the 950 SM would be in the same range.

I am thinking of getting a used 950 adventure in a few years after prices drop.

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Re: about that KTM 950SM (Giannis)

<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by Giannis »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">Are they going to sell those in US?</TD></TR></TABLE>


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Re: about that KTM 950SM (Rickster)

yeah they are gonna be sold here.
This spring as an '06 model.

a couple of American rags has done a first ride article on them- all of which suck (no good tech data).
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