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Anyone out there have a 52' Chest and 39' - 40' Waist? This is why I ask. I recently ordered a Semi-Custom 2 - Piece suit from Reflex Gear. The suit is pretty nice actually and on par with something like a Teknics suit, and much better than say a Zero-60 or Kobe suit. The leather is hi-quality leather and pretty soft, you almost think it is Kangaroo skin (But it's not!).

I mistook their confirmation of a 52' chest to mean a 52 Size suit. I wear a Teknic Size 52 and I am 6' 3" tall, thus my mistake. This could be someone else's gain. The suit's arm are at least 28' and I would the inseam is easily 33 - 35' and can accomodate big calves and boots.

I got a free pair of gloves with them and will be willing to throw them into the deal. I am only asking $500 OBO for the whole deal, plus $25 to ship anywhere USA. I need to re-order another suit, so I am up for a quick sale.

The suit has CE Armor for the shoulders, the elbows and forearms, and also the knees and shins. It comes with sliders / knee pucks as well. It is made of 1.4 - 1.6 premium leather, it is so soft you almost mistake it for Kangaroo skin. It is fully lined, and perforated. It also has a full circumference zipper to attach the pants to the jacket. Don't forget the full size aero-hump as well. There are pads for the kidneys and rear shoulders as well.
The suit has multiple stitching in the impact areas as well as the seat area.

I will post pics by this weekend. For now, you can check out www.reflexgear.com to check out their products.


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