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I'm selling my '99 900SS. It has 5556 miles on it and it’s in perfect mechanical condition. The title is CLEAR and it’s registered till July '06.
The reason why it’s priced low is because it has a few scratches on the side and there are no side fairings attached right now. Actually I do have ALL the fairings with me but just haven’t had the time to put it back together.
I've changed the oil(synthetic blend) @5500 miles mark and just had the 6k service done! I have replaced the stock battery with a sealed battery which will last MUCH longer.
So in short it’s not an aesthetically perfect bike but that’s accounted for in the price. You can expect to pay more than $5500 for a "perfect" same year bike so at $1200 less I think it’s a steal. I've purchased all the parts on eBay or from dealer over the past year.
1) CRG bar-end mirrors.
2) Side fairings, tail fairings.
3) All stainless steel connectors, nuts & bolts.
4)Tourmaster cortech tankbag (BLACK) + matching tailbag & saddlebags(in RED)
5)Gunfighter & Lady + Backrest($275 extra). Original price is $548.

I'm in San Francisco and I could either show the bike in the city or in San Mateo where I work. Email me for pics at boss_ton at yahoo.
ps: I *might* consider selling the bike without the extras, in which case I can knock the price down some more. So make me an offer!
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