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Friend of mine from another board just got his (in the UK)

First impressions are that it's a bigger Duke II. It's not as thin, and it's taller. I'm 6' 0" and I couldn't flatfoot it on both sides.

Seating position is like the Duke, nice and upright with the same adjustable Rental bars. Seat is really firm.

It's as quiet as all new bikes are. It revs quickly and cleanly, there's no stumbles or coughs/splutters despite being on carbs and not FI.

Pulls away with hardly any throttle, stong low end power, wheelies if you wind throttle on too far. First dab on the brakes is quite surprising with the amount of retardation you get. Reassuring.

The 10 minute ride between the dealer and my house took 25 minutes as it was nose to tail traffic. Found it very stable at walking pace and the bars are high enough to pass over car wing mirrors. Didn't have to keep dabbing a foot down as like on the busa when threading throught lines of cars.

So I was late getting to the house to get camera on. I'd lost the AV lead to hook up the helmet cam and mic to the camcorder to had to use the tripod. Problem was the tank is a weird shape and slopes down a lot, so the camera position isn't ideal.

Anyway, on the open road it's really fast up to 120mph. I only got it upto 130mph on the clocks and there was only a slight weaving on the bars, enough for it to be entertaining rather then scary. Would sound fantasic with the factory Akrapovic cans.

Easy to loft wheel in 2nd and change up. Only went from 2nd to 3rd but this was because I ran out of road. Also it wheelied coming out of the slower 2nd gear bends. It tips into bends really fast and feels very much like the 640cc versions. There's a fair amount of suspension travel, but no more then a Duke II.

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<TABLE WIDTH="90%" CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=0 ALIGN=CENTER><TR><TD>Quote, originally posted by OMEGA »</TD></TR><TR><TD CLASS="quote">Only one problem, he got the 950sm and not the superduke.
Both sick bikes though, just different.</TD></TR></TABLE>

Why do you think that?

The Super Duke has the Renthal bars as he mentioned, the 950SM does not.

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Different machines for the same purpose. The SM is a little more of a Hooligan machine. I would love to have either one to be honest.
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