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93 SS 900 engine/complete harness FS (w/hi-comps)

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1993 Ducati SS900 engine (complete!) and complete wiring harness (from ign cylinder, and key to tail-lamp hsg) for sale. Was keeping for a project, but the end date of that project has been pushed back so far, that I'll probably source another motor later.

Hi-comp pistons (may be a 944 engine, haven't checked the bore), BB1105 ign. boxes, LARGE grey aftermarket coils. Carbs need some work, the horz. studs are the silver ones, there's a small oil leak from the horz. cylinder, and it needs a clutch basket (very loud). 35K miles, ran very, very strong before removal from bike, no smoke on start-up.

$1700 for all of it, and I'm in LA.
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