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99 st4 10K

1. battery runs down but there is no draw on it when the bike is off
2. second battery now. holds charge. charging system "seems" to be working
3. next day after good ride 3-4hrs - bike may turn over once(weak), but not again
4. could starter/selenoid stay engaged? and run down the battery during rides?
5. is it the alternator in the end- seems to hold charge at stand still and short rides and "every" time it's in the shop


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Re: 916/st4 big starting problems - need ducati detective (desmodaddy)

My guess is the connectors from the charging system to the regulator. Check the battery voltage before you turn the key on with a volt/ohm meter. Then check it while it's running at about 2500 rpm steady. Should pick up to around 13.5 -14 volts while running with some rpm. I'm guessing your ignition, computer, and fuel injection system are drawing more than it's getting, hence the drained battery after a several hour ride.
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