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Re: 900 supersport motor for sale (Redisfaster)

depends on what you want. short block or long block?

Make a offer?
plus shipping

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I have no idea what they are worth (but can find out easily)

let me know what you want....

I'm going to guess that it's carbed?

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I just got back from AMA races, About to head back out for the next round,

long block $1600
Short block $1000 minus heads , barrels, carbs

The story with this motor,
I bought it a while ago. I rebult the bottom end, cleaned and reshimed everything,
lapped the valves, adjusted them, slapped on new belts and was going to drop it in my 97 900ss frame

Well a wrecked 2004 supersport came across my path, So my 97 900 is now fuel injected and running a 2004 motor

So this on is a spare

These prices are best offer
So pitch me a offer, Just no low balling
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