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86 Honda Magna no start issue please help

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I’m going to do my best to explain what happen , I was riding my 86 Magna when I noticed it started to over heat so I pulled over at a gas station put in some coolant and went back to continue the ride home but when I tried to start it the bike was extremely hesistant to start jerking as it was trying to turn over but it did turn over so I kept riding tryna make it home, until the bike died out on me completely so I pulled over noticed the battery was fried like positive and negative terms were melted, so ofcourse I went str8 to get a new battery plug it up and nothing jus click click click fast from solenoid, so I decided hey 30 bucks a new solenoid I’ll go get that, plugged it up an even weaker sounding click then before but still no start or crank nothing, I already had a multimeter so I check my battery after the attempts to start and it was drained out so I went and got a battery charger (optimate) let it sit for like 15-16 hours and the battery recharged to about 12.4 so I took the battery and tried again same problem , I removed the rectifier to see if that was causing the battery to drain and I tried to start again with battery charged and no rectifier, after 2-3 attempts battery is back down to 9.2 volts. I checked the prongs in the rectifier but my reading is not .4-.5 it’s in the hundreds when set to 20 DCV on the cheaper dorman yellow multimeter. So new battery new solenoid, does anyone know what else I can do I worked on cars for 10+ years so it’s bothering me a lot
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