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750ss parts

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Have a few spare parts after the upgrade. Send me an email if you are interested.

All parts are from 99+ SS 750

CF remus hi-pipes, slightly sun faded, right side has been rashed from laying it over last fall, left side is good.

Stock steel swing arm
Stock Sachs shock
Stock Clip-ons
Brembo brake MC (not coffin style, gold color)
Oil cooler
Spare Brembo front brake caliper (gold)
Dented tank on right side about the size of a golf ball & small leak from mounting point at bottom.
Stock seat w/ sun damage

Split case (top kickstand thread broken, good for bikes not needing kickstand)

Spare slugs/rods

Crank/another set of rods/5 spd tranny

hi-comp slugs (domed) not oversized

I'm looking for an extra set of 750 intake manifolds(rubber to metal type) and a set of 900 ie cams if you want make a trade.

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Re: 750ss parts (smakbiam)

Tell me more about the cans and post a pic if you can. Do you think the rashed can can be fine sanded and re-cleared? I'm looking for an inexpensive high-mount solution. Lemme know, thanks.

Re: 750ss parts (BLZ2DWL)

The rash wore down through some of the CF and into header to pipe flange. If I remember correctly, it's mostly just worn right around that area. For someone not caring what they look like, some heat tape around the leaking area should do the job. The right side hanger is damaged as well, left side hanger is a ok.

Re: 750ss parts (smakbiam)

How much, pics?
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