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Hi all it's spring cleaning time and I need to get rid of stuff all parts are off a 1997 748
Carbon Termignoni slip ons $300
ECU with FIM chip for Termignoni cans $250
set of heads rear cyl has 2 bent valves, guides are good front cyl perfect $250
Matched pair of cyl stock bore $200
Throttle body's $100
crank conn rods and pistons $170
matched set of motor cases $250
stock flywheel $70
I have all-sorts of miss. stuff from the engine. Im parting out a whole engine so if you don't see it ask and I may have it oh yea the motor stuff has 13k on it.
I figured I would give you guys a shot before I put the stuff on E-bay
Let me know if any one wants any of it
Ill leave it on here for around a week.
Thanks all

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Do you have any of these items?
1. stock thermostat(located on the left side of engine)
2. seat hinge
3. tail latch bracket(mono)
4. upper/lower coolant expansion bottles
5. left control switches (turnsignals etc.)
6, adjustments screw/spring for headlight bucket

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