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748/9xx parts for sale

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complete low milage clutch minus plates $275, Head light buckets $125, Headlights $300, Turn signals $15ea, Rear plate holders $35, Battery boxes $25, Beasly Tail section been repaired in primerm $125, stock rear sets $25 per side, bare brembo masters $75 per side, clip ons $30 per side, Showa forks 40mm brakes $300, Twin pin calipers $85 per side, 3 spoke wheels $300 per set, Brembos Full floating iron rotors with alum carriers $400, Termi 50mm mid pipe $200, Track tanks $75 an up, 2001 748 triples $175, 2001 748 bare heads $200, Cyclinders $150, Starters $100, speedos $75. many othe small hard to find parts email [email protected]
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Re: 748/9xx parts for sale (ducnut748)

I'm interested in a 3 spoke rear wheel if your willing to seperate. Also I need the rear spindle assembly, not sure if you have one or not. Let me know.
Re: 748/9xx parts for sale (RC51racer)

how many miles on the clutch?
does the clip on include all the throttle stuff? mine is ground flat from a highside.
Re: 748/9xx parts for sale (SloppyJoe)

The clutch Has around 1200 miles on it. The clip on does not include the throttle tube.
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