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I am trying to work on some new products for our line up, Does anyone know of any company that are offering OEM style mirrors for the earlier Superbikes with LED's integrated into them??

And secondly do you guys think this would be a worthwhile product, I have a prototype finished but I was wanting to see if anyone else has any good ideas???

Let me know, Also if there is anything else that we should be making let me know I am in the new product mode this week.


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Re: 748/998 Mirrors with LED's?????? (Doo Cat One)

They are a good idea if they....

1. Don't cost a trillion bucks
2. Color match
3. Don't look like someone drilled holes in the mirror and stuck some led's in. They always look so unfinished that way.

You should post up a picture of what you've got. Sounds promising.

As for new products - you should whip up a mono tail with a better seat for the monster. DP has one that is just under $700 made out of carbon fiber, but it doesn't look that cool. Maybe you could do an integrated tail light and signals too.
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