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748 916 996 998 Tank for the track. ** SSSSSSOOOOOOLLLLLLLDDDDDD**

It is gone, thanks Speedzilla!

You should buy this to save your tank when you go to the track. It takes about 2 minuets to change a tank, so why not do it???

This is a tank off of a 1998 748. It is black and the paint is in nice condition, not perfect, but great for the track. Where the tank actually bolts to the frame the paint has chipped off, but this can't be seen with the seat on the bike. You can see it in the picture. This DOES NOT come with the cap or the internal electrics, fuel pump, etc... This is just the tank.

I'll start out asking $250 i if nobody is interested at that price I'll go lower.
Email me any offers at [email protected]

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