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anyone know of a 600 forum? have some questions for owners of that bike. friend of mine just bought a used one and it's experiencing technical difficulties...

thanks in advance!

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Re: 600f4 forum (superbike2001)

from that site:
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Forum merging with CBR600RR.COM
« on: March 14, 2004, 07:08:42 PM »

Well folks, the time has come. This forum will be merging with http://www.cbr600rr.com/forum

You are invited and encouraged to come to cbr600r.com and register with us. There are many F4 transplants over there and there are still many people with F4 knowledge who can and will gladly help you.

This forum will be shut down and closed for good on Saturday April 03, 2004. "

so, just go to http://www.cbr600rr.com/forum

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I help mod this one.....


We JUST moved to a new board this week, so only a fraction of our members are there now, but it's a good site for info for all bikes.

We also give away stuff to our participating members every month, so another reason to check it out.

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I've been searching the site but don't see a thread on insuring an RC51. I just got done looking at an 05 today if I could have got a good quote from my insurance company I would have rode it home. I currently insure a 98 vfr with state farm for $310yr. I couldn't get a quote from them today but I did get one at geico and bike line both were in the 1300-1400 range, progressive wanted 2200. Curious what others are paying, I"m 38 no tickets but live in VA which can have higher rates.
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